Greg Engen

MINNEAPOLIS (February 21, 2018) – GdB and Modern Climate are pleased to announce
the addition of Greg Engen, who will lead the two companies as president. Engen is an
accomplished marketing leader with over 20 years of experience. He will oversee all
operations and the evolution of the two brands.

“Greg brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to GdB and Modern Climate and
we’re excited for him to move these companies forward,” said John Hyduke, president,
and CEO of Clear Night, a branding, marketing and technology services platform. “Greg
is recognized for his innovative and strategic thought leadership with a track record of
driving revenue growth. His understanding of the market landscape and ability to attract
new clients and partners is the perfect complement to our approach.”

Engen joins GdB and Modern Climate after spending the last several years as the senior
vice president of business development at Ovative/group. In addition, Greg has held
numerous agency executive leadership positions supporting global Fortune 500
companies like Marriott, Best Buy, Lowe’s, Kellogg’s, and P&G.

“I’m excited to lead GdB and Modern Climate, and join the Clear Night platform,” said
Engen. “I believe the focus on the customer journey, branding, storytelling and
experiences is powerful. Couple those foundational elements with my experiences in
consumer marketing, marketing analytics and digital marketing, and we have a powerful
approach to bring to market.”

Engen received a bachelor’s degree in business-marketing from the Labovitz School of
Business and Economics at the University of Minnesota Duluth. He currently lives in
Edina with his wife and two children.

GdB and Modern Climate are part of Clear Night, a branding, marketing and technology
services platform.

About Gabriel deGrood Bendt (GdB)
GdB is a Minneapolis-based marketing services agency, offering expertise in brand
strategy and communications – including advertising, interactive, public relations and
stuff not invented yet. The agency is a two-time winner of the American Association of
Advertising Agencies’ O’Toole Award.

About Modern Climate
Modern Climate is a brand + technology company, consulting with brands to clarify and activate
their purpose through meaningful consumer experiences. Modern Climate believes today’s
brands are defined not by what they say, but how they behave. Modern Climate is a company
on the Clear Night platform, headquartered in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis.

To learn more about Modern Climate, please visit www.modernclimate.com.

About Clear Night
Clear Night is a platform of brand, marketing and technology service companies,
Ackmann & Dickenson, GdB and Modern Climate, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Clear Night, a privately-owned company, is built to deliver a better client experience. By
leveraging each brand’s capabilities, Clear Night ensures its clients get what they need.

To learn more about Clear Night, please visit www.clear-night.com.