What Is A Piggyback Loan

You also may be able to “piggyback,” or combine two conforming mortgages and pay a lower down payment overall. Banks and mortgage companies will often correlate their financing limit to the total loan.

The loan amount would be $450K and the buyer would have PMI, unless the buyer gets a first mortgage at $400K and a piggyback loan at $50K. In the piggyback example, the buyer is still going to finance a total of $450K, but because his first mortgage LTV is not over 80%, there is no PMI.

Or maybe, finally, qualify for a great deal on a car loan? But the federal trade commission and others. consumers latch onto ridiculous claims – such as that somehow you can piggyback on a stranger.

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 · What Is a Piggyback Loan? A piggyback loan is actually two mortgage loans, used to solve a client’s problem. The second mortgage is metaphorically “piggybacking” on the first; the two combine to make a loan equal to the amount the client wants to borrow.

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Piggyback Loan A loan for a portion of the value of a home over and above the traditional mortgage. In general, one must have a 20% down payment to purchase a home and one finances the remaining 80%. A piggyback loan allows one to borrow at least a portion of the remaining 20% (though at a higher.

Definition of piggyback loan: Two loans on the same property, such as a first mortgage and second mortgage. The smaller or newer loan is usually junior (subordinated) to the larger or older loan. Dictionary Term of the Day Articles Subjects

Piggyback Mortgages, commonly called “Combo” or “80-10-10 mortgages” are transactions where a second mortgage or home equity loan is taken out.

A piggyback mortgage is exactly what it sounds like – one mortgage on top of another. This set of two mortgages was commonly used prior to the mortgage crisis to avoid paying private mortgage insurance (PMI), when homebuyers didn’t have a large enough down payment. Now, this loan combo is much harder to come by.